The universal safety gate for passageway fall protection

YellowGate’s twenty inches of adjustable length, adjustable swing direction and universal mounting system protects every passageway. The patent pending system provides field adjustable tension and maintenance free closure, every time.

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YellowGate Applications

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Automotive structures
  • Retail stores
  • Robotic cell and coil feed areas
  • Steel plants
  • Warehouses
  • Chemical plants
  • Electrical service areas
  • Industrial saw cutting facilities
  • Recycling facilities
  • Oil field companies
  • Shipping Docks

Completely Adjustable

Versa-Guard is incredibly portable

Each YellowGate is field adjustable for both length and swing direction with a single wrench. Adjustable anywhere from 16” to 36“, YellowGate covers the largest opening distance of any swing gate on the market. Choose the correct width by simply sliding the gate to the desired width and fastening the adjustment bolts on the top and bottom rails.

Changing the direction of a YellowGate’s swing is as simple as moving a few bolts. It opens to a maximum angle of 108 degrees and the universal swing feature reduces ordering complexity and allows you to re-purpose gates.

In addition, YellowGate features the patent pending Malbec adjustable tensioner. This unique tensioner eliminates a swing gate’s most common failure point: the spring.

Malbec Tensioner allows users to adjust tension to environmental and safety requirements, in the field. Adjust to higher tension in conditions such as high wind and light tension for easier entry.

Mounts Anywhere

Versa-Guard is chosen by well-known suppliers

The universal mounting system mounts to walls, angle iron and round pipe or square tube with a single mounting bracket.

YellowGate’s universal mount installs in minutes using simple hand tools, with no cutting, welding or drilling. The mount can be fixed to walls, square and round tubing or angle iron in both parallel and perpendicular mounting positions.

Parallel mounting attaches the mount so the gate handrail and hinge point are aligned. This mounting configuration is often used in large openings.

Perpendicular mounting places the mount and hinge point outside of the passageway maximizing access width and minimizing dangerous snag potential. This mounting configuration is commonly used with ladders and other narrow openings.


The Malbec Tensioner eliminates the need for a spring, the gate’s most common failure point

Easily adjust from 16” to 36” wide

Universally mounts to walls, round and square tube and angle iron, with a single mount

The safety gate for passageway fall protection


Features & Benefits

  • Easily adjusts from 16” wide to 36” wide
  • Built to last, outdoors and indoors
  • The most adjustable swing gate available
  • Universal mounting capabilities
  • No time consuming tracking of measurements or mounting types required

Design & Materials

  • Swing either in or out by simply relocating two bolts
  • 20” of adjustable length, swing direction and mounting options
  • No spring fail
  • Meet OSHA requirements

Available Options

  • SwingGates for portable platforms and ladder fall protection.
  • Can be positioned at the top of any rolling ladder
  • The preferred safety gate for RollaStep portable ladder and rolling platforms.
  • Smallest adjustable range fits narrow ladder openings
  • Protects from dangerous fall
  • Design reduces the risk of operators being retained or tripped at the ladder opening

Other products available



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