About Us

Dedicated to delivering safety solutions that exceed customers expectations

At North American Safety Products, Inc. our mission is to deliver high quality, professional looking products designed to maximize safety and minimize accidents in a wide range of industries.

Founded in 1995, North American Safety Products, Inc., has quickly grown to become an industry leader. Former President & General Manager Martin Mobeck successfully guided our company into a new era with a promise to deliver the highest quality safety solutions. His unwavering commitment to keep our products manufactured in the United States has ensured our ability to maintain the highest standards for all the products we manufacture or represent. In 2012, Mr. Mobeck proudly handed the reigns of the company over to an original employee, his daughter Nicole, making us a Female Owned Corporation that is continuously poised to take on new challenges in the ever-changing marketplace.

A longstanding commitment to safety

Since the day the company was founded we have produced quality products designed to improve pedestrian and worker safety programs. Nicole Pfeiffer, CEO/President of North American Safety Products, Inc. notes “Listening to our clients needs to find the right safety system solution for them is the backbone of our business.” And our commitment to safety extends beyond our own products as we’re also members of the National Safety Council.

A team guaranteed to deliver customer service

Our experienced, close-knit staff, always exceeds our customer’s expectations and our deep understanding of safety products is what keeps our clients coming back. That is why we continue to work with companies including Ford Motor Company, US Steel, NASA, Disney, Foxwoods Casino and Caesar’s Palace, to name a few.

Proudly made in the USA

We believe in contributing to the economy by continuing to grow our product lines, enabling us to create more jobs. All of our products are designed, produced and manufactured here in the United States.

The variety of products we offer gives us the ability to capitalize on whatever sector is experiencing the greatest strides. We also have a pipeline of new products innovations that we are continuing to develop for the safety market. With each customization of a part we can see the wider offering it can have in the marketplace. When we add to our regular product line, we are able to meet more customer demand for unique products.

At North American Safety Products we proudly stand behind the quality of our safety programs and we look forward to continuing to help ensure the safety of the public.

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